Top 5 Cooling Desk & Tower Fans

We all love a nice breeze during the summer days but which fans do we go for? Some people prefer air-conditioning but if you are on a budget desk fans or tower fans are deffinally more affordable and without a dout more efficient. Below i have picked out a few top models on the market…


At 5th place we have…

Honeywell HS-216E Oscillating and Tilt Stand Fan 



- This 16′ free standing fan is constructed from metal and plastic

- Suitable for both commercial and domestic use

- Has 3 different speeds to suit your temp

- The Oscillating fan has adjustable hieght

- Air Flow Capacity: 3000m³/hr

- 3 year warranty

Price range £39.99 – £66.99


A 4th place we have…

Honeywell HO-5500RE Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote Control



- This neat and space saving tower fan is easy to use

- Has remote control and timer

- 3 speed settings to suit your prefered temp

- Designed to cover large areas with random bursts of air

- Extremelly quite

Price range £119.00 – £139.95


At 3rd place we have…



- Stylish metal retro/vintage look

- Tobble resistant base

- Safety grill

- 3 speed settings to suit your needs

- Adjustable tilt

Price range £349.99


At 2nd place we have…

Dyson Air Multiplier AM01 10 Inch Desk Fan



- This bladeless desk fan has a smooth air flow

- Simple and safe to clean

- Colour scheme works amazingly

- specific power control settings

- Un-matchable lower speeds that gives off a very gentle and refreshing breeze

- Moden and presentable look

Price range £349.99 – £404.54


Lastly at 1st place we have…

Dyson AM07 Blue Tower Fan Bladeless Technology



- Now 60% quieter

- 10% less power consumed

- Has remote control

- Sleep mode timer from 15 mins – 9 hrs

- 10 precise air flow settings

- The tower fan has no metals blade

- Weight 2.853kg

- Simple and safe to clean

- Moden and presentable look

Price range £259.99 – £349.99

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